VPS Hosting NVMe

Zealot means fanatical and boy we are dedicated to what we are doing. Founded in 2010 with one simple goal: to bring satisfying hosting services to people all over the world, we have managed to grow across 3 continents with numerous points of presence. We have decided to focus specifically on VPS and started out as a small hosting company with HDD VPS but eventually switched to SSD VPS and NVMe VPS as soon as it was possible. When you think about unique VPS Hosting you expect something really exquisite or at least fault-tolerant. Look no further then, because with us you get enterprise grade hardware VPS from industry leaders like Supermicro, Samsung, Dell, Cisco and Juniper. Yeah yeah, everyone is using them but what else?

How about unlimited traffic for each of our VPSes? Check!

No bureaucracy so you don’t need to sign those pesky contracts? Check!

Caretaking technical support 24/7/365? Check!

When you want to buy VPS, you need someone to trust to. You’ve come to the right place.